21 – Day Nutrition Challenge


Transform Your Life: Embark on a 21-Day Journey to Nutritional Excellence

Change how to fuel your fitness

Transform Habits 

Kickboxing fitness, resistance training, and restorative yoga transcend mere exercise, serving as catalysts for behavioral change and personal growth. Kickboxing instills resilience and discipline, resistance training strengthens both body and character, emphasizing consistency and determination, while restorative yoga cultivates mindfulness and emotional balance. Combined, these practices offer a comprehensive approach to physical wellness, fostering transformative life changes and a deeper mind-body connection.

Grow Your Knowledge

Embark on a 21-day Nutrition Challenge that enlightens your understanding of healthful eating. Each day, uncover essential nutritional facts and learn how to nourish your body effectively, empowering you with the wisdom to make informed food choices.

Learn The Myths about Nutrition

Demystify common misconceptions in our 21-day journey. Each session is designed to debunk pervasive nutrition myths, providing you with science-backed truths. Gain clarity on what truly benefits your health and what doesn’t.

Create Sustainable Choices

The challenge goes beyond temporary diets; it’s about establishing enduring, healthy habits. Over 21 days, you’ll learn to create a sustainable meal plan with wholesome, satisfying options that cater to your lifestyle, ensuring your nutritional choices last a lifetime.

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The Nutrition Challenge


Embark on a transformative journey with the TKO|5 21-Day Nutrition Challenge, a comprehensive program designed to revolutionize your eating habits and relationship with food. Each day, you’ll delve into the TKO|5 Nutrition Journal, a guided pathway filled with Daily Breakthroughs to illuminate new insights, Introspective Questions for deep self-reflection, and enriching Lessons that educate and inspire. With engaging Daily Activities to put theory into practice and Trackers to monitor your evolving progress, this challenge is your stepping stone to a more mindful and nourished life.

All-Access to Fitness Classes

Unlock boundless energy and strength with All-Access to our dynamic Fitness Classes—dive into the empowering world of Kickboxing, build resilience with Resistance Training, and find balance through Restorative Yoga.

Weekly Check-Ins

Transform each week into a stepping stone towards success with Weekly Check-ins, a supportive touchpoint to navigate your challenges and celebrate your progress.

Wellness Metrics

Chart your path to holistic health with our comprehensive Wellness Metrics, utilizing advanced InBody Scans for physical insight and Mindset Assessments to fortify your mental wellness journey.

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